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The Disaster Relief Directorate in Fejér County is an individually operating and financially independent regional organization of the Ministry of Home Affairs. It is the main authority in cases written in referential law that specifies its tasks. It directs the professional fire fighter units and disaster relief offices.

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Fundamental tasks:

In the event of an extensive damage event, as well as in the event of an emergency anticipation, prevention  of impacts on life and elementary material goods, as well as the decrease and windup of  its consequences, execution of  the rescue and coordination of the regional planning, organization, verification, control and accomplishment.

Prominently important public security task is to protect the life and material safety of the county’s inhabitants, and the protection of the secure operation of the national economy and critical infrastructure elements.

In order to fulfill the designated functions:

  • It possesses a wide range of industrial safety, fire safety and civil protection authoritative competences: regulates, permits, prohibits, restricts, controls and sanctions. In order toprevent emergencies it coordinates the activities of other authorities.
  • The regional office of the professional disaster relief organization conduct the control of the local governmental fire fighter units, it verifies and evaluates the facility and the volunteered fire fighter units.
  • It controls the volunteered and mandatory civilian defence organizations.
  • Regional professional fire fighter units conduct the fire fighting, the technical rescue, and the protection of the civilian population, information and alarm.
  • It controls the local governmental, facility fire fighter units and involved volunteered fire fighter units contribution int he fire fighting and the technical rescue tasks.
  • It organizes financial investment and real estate management.
  • It cooperates with the Police, the Hungarian Defence Forces, the local governments, and all other authorities.
  • It has contacts with civilian and caritative organizations, their association, institution of educations and the Hungarian media.